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Beware: Venmo Phishing Scam

The other night at around 7:00 PM, I heard the familiar ka-ching sound alerting me that I had money in my Venmo account. Several of my web clients pay me with Venmo, but I had no payments due...The payment was $10 for a lamp from a scammer, who went by the name, Ashley Fisher, clever alias. I immediately returned the $10 for said lamp, changed my settings to private, and blocked the wood be scammer.

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

The Gall: Donations Needed

I’d been suffering from severe abdominal pain for over a month before I eventually had a Physical. Blood work revealed that the dose of my thyroid medication was too high; decreasing the dose was the first step to feeling better…I had an ultrasound of my abdomen, which revealed that I had, as the GI Specialist I saw put it, “an impressive number of gallstones!” I have a consultation with a General Surgeon on Friday, and am hoping to get surgery done and over with next week.

I don’t have health insurance, and am about to get slammed with lots of medical bills, so I’m open to donations via PayPal or Venmo. Every little bit helps! Wish me luck…