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A Zombie Tour de Force

With DON OF THE DEAD, first-time novelist, Nick Cato proves he's got serious writing chops!  The story moves along at breakneck speed. These zombies mean business and they're not what you'd expect. For one thing, they're Italian, and they don't satisfy their hunger the way traditional zombies do...You'll dig Cato's unique take on the genre!

Get you hands on a copy, pronto! Capisce?

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

The Latest Offering from Squid Salad Press

A SWARM OF FLYING EYEBALLS by Gina Ranalli is a tasty treat! Ranalli does a phenomenal job of turning a seemingly ordinary situation: A group of summer school kids take a trip to a blueberry field, into an extraordinary experience. You'll never think of blueberries the same way again!

Squid Salad Press, a bizzaro imprint of Novello Publishers, serves up a hilarious disclaimer: "Publisher assumes no responsibility for eyeball-twitching or scratching that may occur during the reading or after the reading of this book."

 Publishernickcato is a riot!