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Chicken on My Pizza...

For lunch today, I went to the pizza place around the corner from my office. There was an unusual pie in the display case, so I asked about it. The pizza guy told me it was Buffalo Chicken. Feeling adventurous, I had a slice--it had diced chicken, blue cheese sauce, and barbecue sauce, giving it a perfect, spicy tang.

What's the weirdest topping you've had on your pizza?? I have a strong stomach--hit me with your best shot!
moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Got Street Meat??

Around lunchtime today, one of the other Editors I work with asked me if I knew where she could get some street meat near the office...As I pondered her query, I thought to myself, What the heck is street meat?!?!?  After mulling over an appropriate response, I told her I saw a vendor near the Canal Street Subway.  When she returned, street meat in hand, I asked her where she found it.  She had to walk up to the next subway stop, Spring Street in SoHo.

Has anyone else heard this expression?  This was a first for me.  I have a very dirty mind, so I thought she meant the kind of meat that walks around on two legs--men!  Yes, I am warped and twisted!!

For those of you not from NYC...There are vendors all over the city who sell meat, chicken, soda, coffee and breakfast food; sometimes there are several carts to choose from on the same block.