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What Fresh Hell is This?!?!

A few weeks ago, I upgraded my iPhone to the latest iOS, which includes two-factor authentication; unfortunately, I entered by AppleID password incorrectly, which prompted my phone to demand that I reset it, which I begrudgingly did...Doing so unleashed a world of hurt! I first called AppleCare to ensure my phone hadn't been hacked--it wasn't--the new two-factor authentication was the culprit. I had to sync my iPhone, iPad and iMac. Ugh! After I did that, I discovered my contacts were now in triplicate on my iPhone. Oh, the horror! I just finished deleting the duplicates, not a very productive use of my time. To add insult to injury, I now have another password to remember.

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Do you Unplug when You're Out?

I went to a great concert last night with some friends and nearly everyone around us was on their smartphone the entire time. One of my friends got lost and texted me for directions, but after that, I shut off my iPhone for the night.

Are you really out if you're on your device during a show? I think not!  Where do you stand on the topic?
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Sent from My iThingy

I think the generic Apple device signatures are dull, so I changed mine to: Sent from my iThingy. A friend liked mine so much she asked if she could use it; I told her she could.  One of my clients uses Sent from my iSomething.  What's the most creative device signature you've seen?