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Lucid Dreaming

I'm one of a select group of individuals that possess the ability to observe/control their dreams, a phenomenon known as lucid dreaming. I am aware of my dreams and am able to shape the story, just like the characters do in the movie Inception.

It's like I'm watching a movie and I can switch up the action on the fly!  It's extremely exhilarating--I'm able to work through problems this way!  I've always been a creative problem solver, now I can even tackle real-life challenges in my sleep!

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The Creative Mind

On my subway to work the other morning, I came across an intriguing article in Fast Company by Gregory Berns that claims most people's minds are hardwired for repetition, making it very difficult for these individuals to generate fresh, evocative ideas. I smiled.

I see the world from a highly creative perspective--my mind is always bursting with new ideas, which is why I carry a little notebook with me--there's no telling when or where my muse will strike--I've jotted down story ideas on my way to work and even at work...I am an iconoclast, constantly striving to distort reality and broaden people's perceptions. It's not always easy, but I love a challenge!