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My Very First Necon

After years of missing Necon because I either had to work, or didn't have the money, I finally got to experience the awesomeness!  I had an amazing time!  Had a blast as one of the authors on the small press panel!  The other panels were great!  Brian Keene and Joe Hill were there--two excellent writers.

I played Mini Golf with Dan Keohane, Steve Dorato; I scored a 59. Not bad considering I haven't played since college.  Croquet with Jason Harris, Stacey Harris and Danny Evarts was fun, even though I did horribly.  After a couple of drinks, was surprised to advance to the second round of darts!

Great to catch up with Linda Addison, Trish Cacek, Nick Cato, Doug Clegg, Gary Frank, Kelly Laymon, Jack Ketchum, Sephera Giron, John Skipp, Laura Cooney Soares, Lauran Soares, and William Prescott. Enjoyed meeting Bob Booth, Barry DeJasu, Peter Dudar, Danny Evarts, Kevin Lucia, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Chris Wolf, Craig Wolf, Rachel Wolf and Rio Youers, and many other fine folks!

Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Blanket of White!   I'll be back!

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It's Kill Brian Keene in Your Blog Day!


@BrianKeene sat hunched over his laptop typing like mad to make a midnight deadline. Cigar smoke filled his office. Making it difficult to see where his maniacal muse wanted to take the story. Brian paused for a second and fumbled for the open bottle of Knob Creek chugging it in an effort to quench his muse. @BrianKeene began to choke on the Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey singed his throat and his face turned bright red. At the stroke of midnight, @BrianKeene took one last breath and collapsed. His chin landed squarely on his laptop colliding with the enter key, sending his manuscript to his Editor. Brian never missed a deadline, even when the death-rattle racked his broken body...

If you dug this, support the Shirley Jackson Awards.

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KillerCon Report

I arrived in Vegas on Thursday. The airport shuttle was a no-show, so I shared a cab with Gene O'Neill, Gord Rollo, and Chris Welch to the hotel. I immediately noticed the 7 Eleven next door; I consumed several Coke Slurpees over the weekend! I chatted with Ed Lee, who remembered meeting me at WHC in Atlanta back in '98! Glad to know I left such a favorable impression!

I wanted to hit the casinos on the strip solo; I only won $400.00 on the slots; not bad for a 3 hours worth of work! I ran into Monica O'Rourke, Sephera Giron, and Derek Sullivan. We hit Caesars Palace, where I only managed to break even. The Pajama Party was a fun idea, though I was one of a handful of folks who actually wore pajamas.

Friday morning I hit the Dealer's Room, where I met Kim Richards Gilchrist of Damnation Books. I signed copies of Blanket of White and picked up copies I ordered. My collection sold well--folks bought copies at the Dealer's Room and from me at the Mass Signing! Friday I had lunch with Lisa Morton and John Palisano. I enjoyed the readings and the panels

The Damnation Books Party was well attended. Brian Keene complemented me on my reading, always nice to hear.

On Saturday more readings and panels followed. I had lunch with Adam Pepper at the Oyster Bar: Oysters on the half-shell and shrimp gumbo. I sold two copies of Blanket of White when the other diners inquired about my badge. I had a productive pitch session with Zac Sanford. Saturday evening, L. L. Soraes and Kurt Newton shot interview with me for Lair of the Yak. Stay tuned! Afterwards, we had mojitos and dessert at the buffet.

I had fun catching up with folks I already knew: Monica, Wrath, Russell Dickerson, Maurice Broaddus, Jeannie Eddie, Sephera Giron, Rain Graves, Brian Keene, Allen K, Ed Lee, Lias Mannetti Adam Pepper, Matt Schwartz, Derek Sullivan, F. Paul Wilson, and Mark Worthern.

Also meeting folks I only knew from cyberspace: Hal Bodner, Michael Louis Calvillo, Corey Cramer, Gabrielle Faust, Bill Gagliani, Cody Goodfellow, Gardner Goldsmith, Tim Marquez, Kurt Newton, Lori Perkins, John Skipp, L. L. Soraes, and Barbara Vey from PW.

I only broke even on the hotel slots, so I stopped playing.

I had an early fight home on Sunday, so I missed the last day of programming...

Huge thanks to Wrath and Monica for putting together a truly killer con! Can't wait to see what's in store next year!
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Zombie CSU

Last summer Jonathan Maberry asked me to contribute to Zombie CSU.  I sent him something pronto.  The book is available at Amazon!

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth….
And law enforcement is ready to take them down!
 Since Night of the Living Dead, zombies have been a frightening fixture on the pop culture landscape, lumbering after hapless humans, slurping up brains and veins and whatever warm, fleshy matter they can clench in their rotting limbs. But what if they were real? What would happen if tomorrow, corpses across the nation began springing up out of their graves and terrorizing the living?
Employing hard science and solid police work—not to mention jaw-dropping (literally!) humor—Zombie CSU is the only guide you need to make it through alive—not undead:
• Investigate zombie crime scenes, collecting and analyzing evidence of a zombie attacks, and create a “murder book.” 
• Examine the psychology of the zombie and develop a perp profile. 
• Observe medical science pros as they probe felled zombies for forensic clues. 
• Devise a zombie apocalypse survival scorecard and more! 
Complete with lists of must-see zombie flicks from around the globe and tons of tips for kicking undead butt, Zombie CSU features hundreds of interviews with real zombie experts, forensics experts, detectives, filmmakers, and more.
Special guest stars: Max Brooks, Tony Todd, Brian Keene, Patricia Tallman, David Wellington, James Gunn, Robert Kirkman, Dr. Wade Davis, Robert Sacchetto, Zombie Squad, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Paffenroth, Amy Grech, Jamie Russell, Michael “CJ” Kelly, Bruce “Andy” Bohne, and dozens more!

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The Horror Ficion Review of Apple of My Eye

Issue #17 of The Horror Fiction Review features an awesome Apple of My Eye Review.  Get yours today!  I'm in good company.  The issue also features exclusive interviews with John R. Little and marysang, as well as reviews of Brian Keene's Dead Sea and Gary A. Braunbeck's Mr. Hands.

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An Iguana Suns Himself in Brooklyn

When I don't have major plans, I like to sleep in on Sunday, to re-charge for the coming work-week!  So when I went out at 10:30 this morning, I did a double take on my way to buy my copy of Newsday.   There was a full-gown Iguana named Max sunning himself on the sidewalk.  His owner, an eccentric woman, told Max it was time to go home!  I didn't have my phone with me, so I missed a really cool shot.  :(  Some people stopped to take pictures--an Iguana is an unusual sight in Park Slope!

One my way to cat sit, I almost pulled a Keene--a light blue van plowed around the corner, even though I had the right-of-way.  The driver came very close to hitting me.  I jumped out of the way just in time and flipped him the bird!!  He stopped for a minute, obviously bewildered before speeding off.
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Brian Keene in NYC

I joined Members of the NYC Chapter of the HWA for drinks at Dempsey's, bar in the East Village.  The usual suspects were there; Brian Keene, and Peter Miller also joined us.  Peter is a very successful Literary and Film Manger her in New York; I've been his Web Designer for over two years now.

It's always great to see Brian and catch up.  I gave him a copy of Apple of My Eye and he introduced me to Del Howison, who has an awesome book store in California called Dark Delicacies.   Brian tells me he goes above and beyond for Authors--that's good to know!