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Fiction Prodigies And Legends Volume 1

This must-have book features some awesome authors!

Here's the TOC.


1. Horror fiction Queen / Roberta Lannes

2. They Hunger author / Scott Nicholson

3. Leather Maiden author Joe R. Lansdale

4. Open Grave authoress Jeani Rector

5. Sirat: Through The Fires Of Hell authoress Tamara Wilhite

6. Ralan.com mastermind and author Ralan Conley

7. Chasm author David F. Daumit

8. The Vampire Keeper authoress Laura Bickle

9. Secrets Of The Bones authoress Teri A. Jacobs

10. The Road To Hell author Gerard Houarner

11. Monster Behind The Wheel authors Michael McCarty and Mark


12. Haunted authoress Tamara Thorne

13. Necro-Comic-Con author Corey R. Scales

14. Autumn author David Moody

15. Paying The Piper author Simon Wood

16. Dying To Live author Kim Paffenroth

17. Vampire fiction authoress Cynthia L. Dragish

18. Art Of Deception authoress Amy Grech

19. Christ The Lord author Anne Rice

Editor’s corner:

‘’Shadow Dolls’’ by David Byron

‘’Mira’’ by Michael McCarty and Sandy DeLuca

‘’Horrorscope’’ by Jeani Recto