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Stayed in Town for Christmas

I'm recovering from a bad cough, so I stayed in town and went to see Molly's Game, based on the true-life story of Molly Bloom, intense stuff! I've never been in NYC for Christmas, I usually go to Long Island to spend it with family, but I wasn't feeling up to the trip on the Long Island Rail Road...

I saw the movie in Manhattan at the Regal Cinema in Union Square; there was a huge line and moviegoers had to wait 30 minutes in the bitter cold for the box office to open. The theater was mobbed! Everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas and a few who do, seemed to swarm the place...I had Chinese food for dinner and texted Merry Christmas to family.

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

2017: Year in Review

2017 was a tumultuous year: I faced the grim reality that my landlady was in the process of selling her building in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where I’d lived for nearly 15 years; it was bittersweet, as I’d lived one-third of my life there and had grown to love the neighborhood. Prospect Park was my backyard and I’d attend the summer concert series, Celebrate Brooklyn, with friends, or sometimes solo…

I managed to talk the new owner into a decent buyout, equivalent to a year’s salary, albeit taxable. I moved to Bay Ridge in July and am getting to know the area. There are lots of restaurants, everything from German food, Chinese, Sushi, etc., and the Alpine Cinema is around the corner, where I can see movies cheaper than they would cost in Manhattan! My new building is small: the landlady lives downstairs and the other tenant works long hours, but slams her door every time she comes home…Ah, well, city living…

I sold a couple of stories, though not as many as I’d liked, due to all of the apartment drama. I attended Lunacon for the first time, where I sold copies of my books! So that’s my 2017 in a nutshell. How was yours?

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Got My Emblem Health Insurance Card

I called a rep. when I noticed that it said Emblem Health Silver D because I wanted to enroll in the Silver plan which has a $2,000.00 deductible, not the Silver Value D plan, which has a hefty $5,000.00 deductible...I was told I'm enrolled in the Silver plan with a $2,000.00 deductible and that the D on the card means I'll be auto-deducting payments from my bank account. All righty, then.

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

In the Thick of the Holidays

For the first time ever I didn't go to Long Island for Thanksgiving because my Mom's house has been under construction since July...Luckily, my good friend Josephina and her family were in town, so I celebrated with them in Manhattan.

I'm working on my Christmas/Holiday cards today; I've started my Christmas shopping and have put up my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and wreath.

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