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Shocklines Films

Last night deadlymojo and I met up for dinner in my old day job neighborhood for dinner.  The first place I suggested closed early, so I suggest a Mexican joint, Lupe's, where I know the food would be good and the service fast.  After dinner we wandered around for a bit before finding the 92Y Tribeca Theater, where Shocklines short horror films were being screened.  Even though, I bought my ticket online, they could find no record of it--good think I printed out my online confirmation. 

92Y Tribeca sold beer, so I partook of a He'brew, which really hit the spot!  I enjoyed most of the films, with the exception of one that had no titles or plot to speak of...The Ugly File and Treevenge were my favs. I liked Pop Art, too.
Tags: 92y tribeca theater, he'brew beer, lupe's restaurant, shocklines

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