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Costco Haul

My father and brother drove in yesterday to take me to Costco, Mom wasn't feeling up to the trip.  My father insisted I get the new all-in-one printer I needed, since we could drive it back to my apartment; I agreed even though I drove my last HP into the ground pretty quick.  My brother brought my old printer to the curb in front of my building.  The new printer is sleek and even smaller than my old one!  I had it set up in no time; so far so good!  

I bought a pound of fresh strawberries, two pounds of fresh peppers, two pounds of frozen shrimp, 8 boxes of pasta--so I can make my Shrimp Scampi--1 pound of grated cheese, two huge jugs of apple juice, a flat of Snapple Iced Tea, 18 single servings of Easy Mac, 24 rolls of toilet paper, eight boxes of tissues, 44 ounces of Dove Shampoo, so it looks like I am good to go!

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