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Commotion in My Courtyard...

Most of the buildings on my block, including mine, here in Brooklyn are interconnected, meaning there's no gap between them and it's possible to walk across one roof to the roof of the adjoining building.  That's why I have renter's insurance--you can't be too careful...

I got back from Manhattan last Thursday and heard lots of noise in the courtyard, which is nothing more than a cramped concrete space.  I peeked out my kitchen window and saw a dozen Spanish workmen making more noise than they really needed to as the painted the outside of the building next door.  Their scaffolds squeak.  They even showed up early on Saturday morning, which did not make me happy as I had planned to sleep in...I think they only added white primer to the building and will be back bring and early tomorrow morning.  Lucky me... 
Tags: brooklyn, courtyard, renter's insurance

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