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Today is my first day working from home in a long time. My job as E-News Managing Editor has been eliminated, due to the economy.  7 million people out of work; that number is expected to climb to 10 million in the coming weeks.  And yet, I just checked my bank balance and I have more money in my account than ever...I will have a few grand more next Friday when my severance is deposited in my account.  I am in good financial shape.  How ironic...I have several writing projects in the works and projects for Web Clients to keep me occupied.  I got a call from a recruiter the other day.

I am meeting friends for drinks and Greek food tonight in Manhattan.  I am covered as far as transportation goes for the month of March--I asked to have the money for my MetroCard deducted from my severance.
Tags: e-news managing editor, economy, freelancing

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