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Three for Three

For those keeping track the HD TV installer's assistant asked to use my bathroom this afternoon--that's three for three--I told him to help himself.  I suppose I should be flattered that all of these service guys wanted to use my facility--it's a complement, considering how many apartments/houses they must have on their route!

The installer got frustrated when I asked him to show me how everything worked...Hey, what good are my new toys if I don't know how they work??  

I played the damsel in distress card to get one of the guys to carry my bulky, old 19" TV downstairs to the curb.  My new 40" Samsung HD TV is sleek and sexy with a splash of crimson around the frame.  No it's not blood!

I am gonna watch The Bank Job after dinner--my brother gave it to me.  it's a good thing I had disc--toggling to the Blu-ray player involves all three remotes:  the cable remote turns on the TV, adjusts volume and changes channel; the HD TV remote toggles between HD Cable and the Blu-ray player; finally the Blu-ray player remote starts and stops the blu-ray.  Complicated enough for you?  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in no time!

Tags: bathroom, home entertainment center, samsung hd tv. blu-ray player

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