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I went to see an advanced screening of ANGEL-A last night at Sunshine Cinema.  This foreign, B&W film, in French, with English subtitles,  had an edgy surreal feel, Directed by Luc Besson,  (The Professional, The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita), the film features many clever moments you have to see to believe!

French is such a romantic language and the director's choice of Black and White intensified the fascinating storyline.  ANGEL-A  opens on May 25th, 2007 in New York and L.A.  Do yourself a favor--see this film--it will change your view of the world! 

The Director was on hand for Q&A after the screening.  He said he actually wrote ANGEL-A ten years ago, but the story didn't come together until life kicked him in the teeth...
Tags: angel-a, la femme nikita, luc besson, the fifth element, the professional

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