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Wedding Weekend!

I just got back from whymercy  and Dave's wedding in New Jersey. I stayed at the Morristown Hyatt, a fabulous hotel, with uber modern decor, a great restaurant an indoor waterfall, and a spacious bar, where many good drinks and times were had by all! Jamie was good enough to drive me to the wedding; she has a TomTom GPS, a very handy device that shouts directions: IN 250 FEET TURN RIGHT; YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION. Can you imagine TomTom man in bed? YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!! START OVER...FASTERFASTERFASTERFASTERFASTERFASTER...I AM GOING TO SHOOT MY LOAD IN TWO SECONDS. WE HAVE REACHED OUR DESTINATION!! TomTom go!

The weather was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful! The reception rocked! The bride and groom, always knowing how to throw amazing parties, rented a photo booth. There was an awesome variety of food and drink: a champagne bar, caviar, an open bar--I had many good drinks, a mashed potato bar--I had mine with bacon and brown gravy, a candy bar--I had three packs of candy cigarettes--I am an addict. I did some dancing and caught up with good friends. After the reception, we all went back to the hotel bar. I traded my slinky red dress for comfy jeans and a T-shirt. I went across the street for some sushi; the order took longer than the promised time, so the owner gave me a tasty, spicy scallop on the house!
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