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Prelude: Vegas

I am sitting here @ JFK with an hour to kill before my Jet Blue Vegas flight boards.  I love wi-fi--I have been checking my e-mail.  My driver was prompt--I kept him waiting, but only for two minutes.  He didn't fasten his seat belt right away, so every few seconds, the car dinged...I didn't really mind though, because when I win in Vegas, the slot machines will go ding, ding, ding!  He was from Peru.  We talked about the economy.  I told him I was going to Vegas for work, so we got to talking about gambling and I shared my slot machine secrets.  There are plenty of slot machines to go around.

Despite two cups of coffee, I am not awake...I can't wait to take a nap on the plane!  I didn't have my boarding pass out when I went through security.  I forgot to take it out of my bag that they were scanning when the security officer asked for it.  I was not asked to produce it when I retrieved my bag.  Gee, I feel safe...

Can't wait to hit the slot machines, hard!!

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