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My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Yesterday, before my reading, I wandered around the East Village, which is where one of the stories in the collection takes place...How ironic!  It was really humid outside, so I didn't venture too far for dinner.   Max Brenner to the rescue! I had been meaning to try their Frozen Hot Chocolate, which was sinfully delicious!  I had a bowl of Penne with marinara sauce, which was nothing special, but they are known for their chocolaty sweet treats.

Nowhere is a really cool bar with lots of relaxed, open space.  I got nervous and didn't tell the crowd I had copes of Apple of My Eye for sale at the mike, but I did put them out on a table and sold two.

I enjoyed seeing Linda, as always--she read some amazing poetry!   Charlie Vazquez hosted the festivities and read a story complete with props. I didn't have props, but the audience ate up my story, laughing at all the right moments.  It's the most enthusiastic crowd I've encountered and that made it extremely fun!

Matthew's story was very dark and haunting.  Wow!
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