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Never-Ending Workweek

My workweek started yesterday, thanks to not having a computer at work for 8 hours.  To make matters worse, there was construction on the F Train, so I had to walk 20 blocks to get to the R Train.  I do not walk more than a few blocks when the temperature outside hits 80.  I was soaking wet from sweating by the time I made it to 7 Eleven.  Yuck!  My Classic Coke Slurpee made the last lag of the trip bearable.

I got a lot of work done at the office.  I wasn't the only one there, either, so I can take solace in that.  I know because the other person, thinking he was alone, shut the lights off on his way out...I am still behind--I need IT to enable 5 shortcuts to the server, so I can update; I also need to be connected to the network printer.

It's gonna be a crazy week--I have to do some of the Managing Editor's work, she's on vacation the week I'm in production.  Thanks a lot.  Maybe she's getting even with me, since I went on vacation the week she was in production...

I did get to see Hell Boy II which totally rocked--I loved the quirky characters, including Hell Boy's softer side.  Can't wait for Hell Boy III!
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