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My PC @ Work Died...

More specifically the Dell hard drive overheated causing it to shut down without warning...I just got back from vacation, so I had planned to stay late to put the E-Newsletters to bed...I left work an hour early instead, so I could at least check my e-mail from home.  I.T. tells me they can extract My Documents along with a few folders from my desktop, I hope.  They will need to put Firefox, IE, Photoshop, and Frontpage on the new hard drive and retrieve a year's worth of files from the bad hard drive.  In addition, they need create 10 short cuts to various files on the server...

To make matters worse, I am about to go into production with the 7-21-08 issue of Vision Monday...Timing is everything...

The hard drive lasted less than a year; that's why I use a MAC at home--I have had mine for 4 years...I should go back up my hard drive now...
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