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I'm back from Biloxi!  I did very will on the slots--I took home $3,000.00--my biggest haul yet!  I won at almost every casino I went to.  I even managed to get $225.00 out of a $25 machine.  I only lost $40 at two casinos.  Tasha only won $50.  She drove in from Atlanta, so we drove around in her purple PT Cruiser and I paid for most of the gas.

When I asked her for a room key, I noticed the checkout date was July 4th.  I flipped out, especially since we were in town until July 6th...Put on the spot, Tasha explained that the room was free the first night, but she didn't have the $$ for the other nights.  She barely scrimps by...I was absolutely livid!!!  Tasha has no life skills--she is very sheltered--she actually thought we could just go down to the front desk and extend our stay on a Holiday weekend.  She didn't have the money for the room.  I asked her to tell me the amount a month ago, so I could mail her a check--I make a good salary--but she never did. The Manger told her to stick it where the sun don't shine...Um, they have a reservation system...When a guest's checkout date comes up they release the room.  I bet Tasha $50 she couldn't get us another room, it being a Holiday weekend and all...She did at a dumpy Best Western one town away in Glufport.  That was one bet I was happy to win.  We had an outside room on the ground floor; this did not make me happy...

Despite the unforeseen circumstances I had to content with, I still managed to have a good time.  Here is some of the Southern fare I dinned on:  Grits, eggs and biscuits with white gravy at Waffle House; Chicken and Dumplings at Cracker Barrel, Shrimp Gumbo at the Hard Rock Casino.  I treated Tasha to a Japanese lunch since there was no way I would have been able to have Sushi otherwise.  They had some unusual verities.  I ordered too much...

We went to see WALL-E--movies only cost $5.00 down south; they're $12.00 here, so that was a real treat.  The movie was absolutely adorable and funny and visually stunning!  I bought two new purses, one from the Coach Outlet; I also bought a new pair of shoes, also from the outlets.

My return flight was delayed 4 hours!  I barely made my connection, but I had to buy lunch!  There was bad weather, so we were in a holding pattern for 2 hours.  I had a mother and crying baby sitting next to me.  Ahhh!!!  We had to land in Washington to re-fuel.  I had cheese and crackers for dinner... Did you know the airlines charge $25 for every additional bag you check?  I had no idea...
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