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Fumbling Around in the Dark...

No it's not what you think...


When I stepped out of my apartment this morning and out into the hallway, I did a double take--the hall was extremely dark, so I just thought we had another intense thunderstorm blowing through.  After I struggled to tell my keys apart in the gloom and finally managed to lock my door, did I find the culprit: My landlady like to use shower curtains instead of regular curtains because the windows in our building are very large.

 Unfortunately, for some strange reason the landlady painted the hallway dark brown; the shower curtain is also very dark.  Not a good combo.  There are hallway lights, but they are on a timer; they turn on at dusk and go off at dawn.  Not very helpful...She's promised to paint it a lighter color, but she hasn't gotten around to it, yet--I've lived in the building for 6 years.  I might just ask her if I can get one of those dome lights for the hall to mount near my door, so neither my friends nor I break our necks...
Tags: danger, darkness, gloom, light, safety

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