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Mayhem at the Post Office

The other night I did something I haven't done in over a year.  I prepared one of my short stories for an old school journey to England.  Most of the anthologies and magazines I submit to prefer to have stories submitted via e-mail.  To be perfectly honest, I prefer digital submissions--I save tons of money on postage each year and kill fewer trees; the Editors' responses are much speedier, too!

But the magazine I decided to send my tale to, Black Static, only accepts postal submissions...So I recumbently complied.   I knew that I would need to get IRCs.  I also knew that only a few post offices carry IRCs...Well, I got a nasty surprise, the U.S. Post Office stopped selling IRCs all together two years ago.  The clerk got very frustrated when she tried to explain this to me--it just didn't compute...After all, I needed to receive a response from the Editor.  Thinking fast, I slipped a business card in my with story...
Tags: black static, ircs, short story submissions, u.s. post office

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