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A New York State of Fright: TOC

A New York State of Fright
Table of Contents

Introduction by James Chambers
Heels by Alp Beck
East Side Devil by John C. Foster
Loathsome in New York by Monica O’Rourke
The Chosen Place by Patrick Freivald
The Hunting of the Kipsy: A Cryptozoological Report by Hal Johnson
A Few Leaves from the Travelogue of Doctor Julius Jonsson, Cryptobotanist and Hylesoprotolist: Bay Ridge, or, The Belief in the Undead Still Exists in New York by Erik T. Johnson
A Nightmare on 34th Street by Steven Van Patten
Hurricane Zelda, Part IV by Kathleen Scheiner
Shoal by Trevor Firetog
The Insects of Seneca Village by Jeff C. Stevenson
The Grim by Allan Burd
In a Pig's Eye by Teel James Glenn
Welcome to Brooklyn, Gabe by Marc Abbott
Machine Gun/Latté by Amy Grech
The Spouting Devil by Meghan Arcuri
Rescue Shelter by David Sakmyster
Blood Will Tell by J.G. Faherty
The Lady in the Sideshow: A Circuspunk Story by Charie D. LaMarr
Pink Elephants by Patrick Thomas
Everybody Wins by Lisa Mannetti
Edna's Soul Kitchen by Elizabeth Crowens
Eyes Left by Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee
Tales of the White Street Society: The Hairy Ghost by Grady Hendrix
The Long Lost and Forgotten by J. Daniel Stone

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