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I Haz No Interweb!!!!

When I got home from work last night, I planned to update my Web sites.  Time Warner had other ideas.  My cable modem went offline; I was unable to reboot it on my own.  I tried 6 times before calling Tech Support.  They're sending a technician to fix/repalce it next Wednesday night.  Ugh!  I am in production next week, working on the 5-19-08 issue of Vision Monday, so that mean's I'll be working late. Monday night and Tuesday night so I can leave a little early on Wednesday night to be home before the Tech arrives...

I am going to call Time Warner later and have them credit my account for the 6 days I'll be offline...

On the bright side, I did finish revising a story; of course I can't e-mail it to the Editor until I'm back online...

My life is never dull...In fact it's downright complicated!!!

I'm visting my parents on L.I. this weekend; tomorrow being Mother's Day and all--that's the reason I'm online now.


Tags: cable modem, time warner

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