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Fellow Writers: When Do You Conduct Research?

I’m working on a crime story set in my neighborhood of Park Slope, based on actual events…3,000 words in now that my characters have been fleshed out and dialogue is flowing smoothly, I find myself devoting about half of my writing sessions to researching various kinds of guns, bullets, etc. I think this might be because I’m a full-time Freelancer; working as a Digital Content Strategist, I shift gears constantly. I might spend the morning editing and deploying a client Enewsletter; my afternoon might be divided among several clients working in Photoshop, updating social media accounts, editing website content, conducting keyword research for organic SEO initiatives, and writing several blog posts.

So, fellow writers: What say you? Research one night and writing the next, or like me, do you do a little of both simultaneously?

Tags: guns, nyc crime fiction, research

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