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The Evolution of Dinner and a Movie in NYC

Twenty years ago when I first moved to New York City, dinner and a movie meant going to a fancy restaurant before heading over to the multiplex, where concession snacks included candy, popcorn and soda. That was it, end of story! My, how times have changed! Now there are several theaters where a night out has transcended into an immersive experience!

iPic Theater in NYC offers beer, high-end cocktails, gourmet food, and amenities like blankets and pillows for guests...Based in Brooklyn, Nitehawk Cinema also serves adult beverages and grub brought directly to your seat by a server while you enjoy the show. The closest theater to me would be the brand-spankin’ new Alamo Drafthouse, also located in Brooklyn; I plan to grab a brew and some grub with friends sometime soon while we enjoy a movie!

Tags: alamo drafthouse, ipic theater, luxury movie theaters, movies, nitehawk cinema, nyc

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