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Had a Blast at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Yesterday I attened the Brooklyn Book Festival located just a few short stops away from my Park Slope apartment via the NYC Subway. The Horror Writers Assocation Booth wasn't exactly in a prime spot, located at the tail end of the festevail, but that's the entrance I used; luckily, so did lots of other people! Foot Traffic started off slow, but steadily progressed. I managed to sell a copy of my collection, Blanket of White by casually mentioning that it was out of print, since the publisher folded. I had an eagar buyer for Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City after I told him that the book is chock-full of crime fiction that takes place in the East Vilalge, Hell's Kitchen, Central Park, etc.; after he heard that, he couldn't buy a signed copy fast enough! I had some really yummy Thi food from a food truck for lunch and several Authors took my information so they can contact me about upcoming readings throughout New York City. I'll be back next year!

Tags: amy grech, brooklyn book festival, direct marketing, horror writers association, new pulp press

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