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Lubbock, Texas Tourist Kelli McGowen Creates a  Scene at 9/11 Museum in New York City

Kelli McGowen

Tourist Kelli McGowen of Lubbock, Texas causes scene at 9/11 Museum in New York City.
July, 2016 A crazed woman from Lubbock, Texas allegedly came to the 9/11 Ground Zero Museum in New York City, harassed the Museum’s founder Gary Suson and screamed obscenities in the Museum, which at the time of the incident, had 9/11 family members and kids present. Tourist Kelli McGowen from Lubbock, Texas was visiting with her family when she apparently realized Gary Marlon Suson, who was the Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the FDNY Fire Unions and the Museum’s Founder was present.

Suson is not at the Museum often and moments after she met Suson, she snuck away into a corner to Google him on her smartphone. Apparently Kelli McGowen, not too press savvy, stumbled upon on a decade-old fake story on Gary Suson from a tabloid (whom Suson sued for millions) believed it and felt she had been duped. She then came back to the area that Mr. Suson was standing and talking to small children in and began screaming at him loudly. Some 9/11 families, parents and staff asked McGowen to cease acting like this but to no avail.

Gary Marlon Suson

Acclaimed Photographer Gary Marlon Suson

Harassed at 9/11 Museum by Tourist.

His work at

“She was loudly accusing Mr. Suson of horrible things,” said one eyewitness.

After guests felt unsafe, Police were summoned to the 9/11 Museum to escort a screaming Ms. McGowen from the premises.

Reached for comment in NYC, Suson said, “It goes to show you that some people will believe whatever they read. It even shows you the power of silly tabloid journalism. It’s sad.”

Gary Marlon Suson is disabled with pulmonary injury from spending 7 months at the World Trade Center, lives in New York City and takes zero salary as the Director of the 9/11 Museum. Ground Zero Museum Workshop is the only 9/11 Museum in Manhattan that has raised charitable funds for 9/11 and FDNY Charities.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop NYC

The Kid-friendly Ground Zero Museum Workshop
in the Meatpacking District, NYC.

The Museum’s website is at:

Kelli McGowen was unreachable in Texas for comment.

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