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Bad Apples and Good Eggs

I've been a full-time freelancer surviving on one income for over seven years now. There are times business is slow and because I have no boyfriend or husband to rely on, I've previously taken on clients who were not willing to pay my reasonable rates. Case in point, I had a woman who found me via LinkedIn; we had not one, but three calls about my SEO and social media services. She had lots of questions, understandable, but every time we spoke, she'd ask me the same thing over and over...That was red flag number one. Red flag number two was her balking at my reasonable rates. The clincher: Despite emailing her a detailed proposal outlining goals and my rates, which I lowered by $10.00 per hour for social media, she told me she was shocked when she saw my most recent invoice. I guess she had a slow month. Not my problem...As soon as she pays, I'm kicking that bad apple to the curb! Never again will I take on a client who questions my very reasonable rates.

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of clients who are good eggs. They're open to my suggestions for blog, social media and website updates; they refer new clients; and even though I haven't raised my rates with clients I've worked with for 6 years or more, they continually give me challenging, exciting projects that keep me engaged!

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