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Need to Downgrade to a One-Bedroom Apartment

After eight months, I received an email informing me that my application for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan has been randomly selected for further processing. I've spent much of the day printing out 1099s and tax returns. The timing couldn't be better, since my lease ends in October and my landlady is selling the building...

I currently use the second bedroom in my apartment as my home office. If I wind up in a one-bedroom, part of the living room would become my office; either that or the bedroom. With that in mind, I've started de-cluttering, throwing out items I either no longer have any use for or never used in the first place! Tomorrow, I'll search the depths of my closet to see what unknown trash/treasures lurk within...

Tags: affordable housing, brooklyn, manahttan, nyc, park slope

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