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Things I'll Miss About Park Slope

There's a good change I won't be able to stay in Park Slope, where I've lived for the past 14 years when I move in October...I've got a few leads on apartments in various neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I'll miss all of the great restaurants where I've become a regular; Prospect Park and Celebrate Brooklyn; Ballard Pharmacy; the corner deli; the friendly bank tellers at my branch.

There are a few things I won't miss: my drafty home office--I had to buy a space heater a few years ago--and it doesn't always help. The filthy water--I had to buy a Zero Water Pitcher because the water looks like milk straight from the tap--it's that dirty! My drafty bedroom--I had to sleep with a hat on all winter. My noisy neighbors--they have their TV so loud I wound up buying a white noise machine to drown them out!

So there you have it: the good, the bad and the ugly...Onward!

Tags: ballard pharmacy, brooklyn, celebrate brooklyn, park slope

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