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I'm a Walking MTA Subway Map!

Well, not really...On my way to visit friends this past Saturday afternoon, I wandered through a street fair a hodgepodge of vendor hocking everything from clothes, iPhone cases and earrings to sunglasses. There were also several stalls selling carnival eats, ethnic food and bubble tea! I opted for a strawberry bubble tea, since I'd be having dinner with friends in Manhattan later on.

I usually take the F train into Manhattan, but on this particular day, I caught an R train instead. There was a gaggle of Millennials wondering if the train would be stopping at Canal Street, which they mispronounced Cananal Street for giggles. I told them they were in luck, that it did indeed stop at Canal Street. One of them thanked me, so apparently not all Millennials are selfish little twerps!

Then on the way back home after dinner, the conductor on the 6 train announced that it would be skipping Astor Place, which first prompted the lady to the left of me to ask if the train would stop at Brooklyn Bridge; then the young woman to the right of me chimed in, inquiring if it would stop at Spring Street. To both women I replied, "I imagine so." Turns out I was right. There's an app for that, subway directions & planned service changes, but I'm much friendlier and am far more accurate!

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