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Tales from The Lake Vol. 3 TOC

Here's the TOC for Tales from The Lake Vol. 3.

The Owl Builder – D. Morgan Ballmer
Tragedy Park – Chris Pearce
Enclosures – Sumiko Saulson
Woe, Violent Water – Lily Childs
The Cruel – Harper Hull
Red Scream with Little Smile – Paul Edmonds
Maybelle – Mere Joyce
Rodent in the Red Room – Matt Hayward
The Deeper I Go the Deeper I Fear – Natalie Carroll
The Pigmalion Pigs – Mark Allan Gunnells
Chemical Oasis – Tommy B. Smith
Hush – Sergio Pereira
The Reaper’s Fire – Kenneth W. Cain
Effigy – Kate Jonez
Scents of Fear – Steve Jenner
The Bet – Amy Grech
A Hand from the Depths – Dave de Burgh
The Monster of Biscayne Bay – Roxanne Dent
The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road – Jack Bates

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