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Bed Sandwich...

The trade show was very stressful...There were many technical glitches, like the database eating my slide shows on two separate occasions...Which resulted in me missing the company party at Bowlmor Lanes, as well as most of my Manger's Awards Ceremony at Top of the Rock, though Mary and I did get to congratulate Marge, who was radiant while we tossed back a Cosmo in the ultra-hop space, complete with two awesome terraces!

My bed at the Crown Plaza was decent; after all it was king size, but one night Mary and I worked so late that I had a bed sandwich for dinner.  We finished at the Javits Center after 10:00PM.  Then we wandered around the building with a clueless security guard.  Only when I suggested he use his walkie-talkie, did someone else point him to the only open door, the employee entrance.  He brought us down through the dimly lit basement, which reeked.  I tried hard not to retch.  When we got back to the hotel, Mary asked if I'd like to join her for dinner, but I declined--I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I ate that late...I had a bed sandwich instead...

One the bright side, I found a pair of really cool, green metal frames I'll be getting at a considerable discount; the lenses will be ultra high tech, cuz I've got connections!
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