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How Taxing...

I called my Accountant this past Friday to see if he finished my taxes yet...My taxes have never been done later than March, ever...The first year he did my taxes they were completed before the end of March and I had my refund before April 15.  I met him the third week in March to give him all of my paperwork, my W-2 and client invoices; I e-mailed him all of my expenses in two handy spreadsheets at the beginning of March, one for my Writing and one for my Web stuff. 

I told him I will be at a trade show for work April 9 - 13 and will not be available to discuss my taxes during that time at least three times...I called him a little while ago to see if he was done yet.  He told me he got caught up in some other things.  Huh?!?!  WTF!!!  I'm one of his clients...I might have to fire his lazy ass after he does my taxes and I pay him.  I'm much too busy to be calling my Accountant to see if he did his job.  I am many things, but babysitter isn't one of them!!!

Most of my friends got their refunds weeks ago...
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