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Third Time's a Charm...

I recently got new glasses and love them!  I'm getting tons of complements, but after wearing them for a week, I was disappointed when I discovered that the lab neglected to include gray Transitions lenses. I called up Cohen's Fashion Optical and explained the issue and they asked me to bring them in. They sent them back to the lab at no cost to me and I tried to get the thinnest high-index lenses, a $100.00 more than I spent for my trouble and was told that they couldn't do that, even though I'm stuck with my old pair of glasses and am suffering with headaches, because my eyes had adjusted to the new prescription...

So they had my phone number wrong...They said they tried to call me yesterday. I gave them the correct phone number. I dropped by earlier today, on my way to meet friends to see Black Mass. Awesome flick by the way! So they brought out my glasses with the Transitions lenses activated. Great...Until I inspected the lenses and discovered a large chip on the right lens...I handed them back, saying that was unacceptable. I'll be in Manhattan again on Wednesday. I shudder to think what will happen this time...Let's hope the third time's a charm. The level of incompetence is staggering. Their mistakes have cost them $1,200.00 and I have yet to get what I paid for.

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