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Looks Like I'm Getting a New Neighbor...

After 13 years in the same building in Brooklyn, it looks like I'll be getting a new neighbor. My landlandy lives in the building. For years, her parents had the apartment across the hall from me on the second floor; I saw them a couple of times a year. They were quiet people. Two years ago, her mother moved update permanently and her father passed away. Her parents must have been hoarders, because she's been clearing out their apartment for well over a year.

I hope the new tenant is reasonable quiet...All of my neighbors are Baby Boomers--they're all 60 years old or thereabouts. Unfortunately, my downstairs neighbors have therir TV on all the time when they're home and it's in their bedroom. At least during the summer I can down out their noise with my A/C!  Time will tell soon enough if luck is on my side. Fingers crossed!!

I live in a rent stabalized building. My landlady can now charge market value for the vacant apartment. I wonder how much it will rent for!

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