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Clerical Error in My Favor...

I had a Dr. appointment in Manhattan this morning, so I made a day of it, grabbing lunch at Burger King; their Chicken Fries rock! The Red Velvet Shake was just meh...There was a new Duane Reade just up the block, so I dropped in to buy a few things, about $30.00 worth of items...I redeemed my points, for a savings of $3.00, but when it came time to pay, the cashier told me the total owed was $0.00...Woot! That made my day. On my way out, I glanced at my receipt and noticed only two of the items, totaling $3.00 had been rung up. I'm not responsible for other people's mistakes; it's actually kinda nice when they end up benefiting me. Wish it would happen more often!

Tags: duane reade, manhattan, shopping

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