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Detroit Judge Warns William Wilson to Cease Harassing Acclaimed 9/11 Photographer Gary Marlon Suson

Judge Richard Halloran
Detroit Judge Richard Halloran Warns Cyberbully William Wilson of He will
be keeping a watchful eye on him.
Orders Wilson to leave acclaimed
photographer Gary Suson alone.
January, 2015 -- Michigan Circuit Court Judge Halloran has ordered William C. Wilson of Wayne County, Michigan to stop harassing acclaimed Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson. On January 21, 2015, William C. Wilson -- who operates an online shopping cart design business ( from his Mobile Home Park -- was ordered to appear in court before Hon. Judge Richard B. Halloran who admonished Wilson for derogatory emails, phone calls and websites that harass, cyberbully and humiliate one of the most well-known historical photographers of this generation.

Wilson is a disgruntled former employee of the 9/11 Museum who was terminated in 2009 and has been consumed with Suson for seven years. Suson officially photographed the “Recovery Period” at the World Trade Center site and controls the largest and rarest collection of Ground Zero images in the world. Suson is also an FDNY Honorary Battalion Chief, a rare title appointed by the New York Fire Commissioner.

Wilson, according to court documents has sent Suson disturbing emails that claim, amongst other things, that:

1.) Wilson knows and understands Suson better than his own parents did (Wilson knows Suson is recovering from the recent death of his Mother and Father).
2.) Sternly Warns Suson against “pissing me off” and questions Suson’s sexual preferences.
3.) Ridicules Anne Frank, whom Suson’s Museum was inspired by.
4.) In an even more bizarre email, Wilson tells Suson he is willing to leave him alone and remove defamatory websites (in which he compares him to George Zimmerman and others) if Suson "returns monies to 9/11 families and writes a public apology.”
5.) Warns Suson that he has a self-published book coming out on him and would Suson “Like to write the forward?”
6.) Tells Suson that the design of the Museum’s new logo “Sucks.”
7.) Infers that Suson’s friends are in fact secretly gay but that Wilson will "keep it a secret."
8.) Promises not to harm Suson.
9.) That Wilson “knows a whole lotta’ stuff the NY Post would like to know" but that Wilson will "keep it a secret."
10.) Falsely states he won his case against the 9/11 Museum and if he wants, can collect financial damages.

William Wilson
BULLY: Michigan Judge Orders William “Bill” Wilson to Leave Acclaimed 9/11 Photographer Gary Suson Alone.
Creepy. Sorry folks, Bill Wilson -- clearly not a well man -- is certainly no Robin Hood. Gary Suson is well-known for taking zero salary at the 9/11 Museum and has gifted away tens of thousands of documented museum dollars to FDNY charities. Wilson, well aware of Suson’s severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of spending many months at the World Trade Center site -- has been cyberbullying Suson for years with the hopes to break him down mentally and put him in fear. It is simply sour grapes. Wilson spends his waking hours SEO-ing and promoting decades-old New York Post stories to search engines -- tabloid stories which Suson sued the Post for from 2006-2010 and settled out-of-court. Also, just as he did in 2009 when Suson caught him, Wilson surfs travel & tourism chat rooms, leaving links to his defamatory website 100% dedicated to humiliating and bullying Suson.

Gary Suson Ground Zero Photographer
Photographer Gary Marlon Suson. Detroit Judge Orders Michigan Man Bill Wilson to stop Bullying Suson.
Gary Marlon Suson, the darling of the media, has been featured on CNN and FOX News affiliates more than any other photographer in recent history -- with his work being lauded by the New York Times as “Rare Photos.” Mr. Suson, an FDNY Hon. Battalion Chief, who served 7 months as the Official Photographer at Ground Zero and is the founder of the Ground Zero Museum Workshop (  in New York City -- first met William “Bill” Wilson and his wife Teresa Polino of Hogan Hartson Law Firm in 2008 when the two visited the highly rated Museum. Wilson praised Suson, then offered to re-vamp the Museum’s website store free of charge and serve as part-time Webmaster.

Months later, Wilson then demanded a $9,900.00 tax write-off, which the Museum reluctantly gave him. In 2009, when Suson discovered that Wilson was answering on the Museum’s behalf in online blogs and travel chat forums as well as divulging confidential information, Suson raised concern to Wilson who told him to “shut your mouth and let me handle this.” Ground Zero Museum Workshop fired William Wilson, leading Wilson -- in an act of revenge -- to use his access codes to wipe/delete the Museum’s Website from the Internet -- costing the Museum a small fortune.

Ground Zero 9/11
Gary Suson's Iconic Image of “The Last World Trade
Center Beam” Spring, 2002.
Detective Patrick Word of the Gaithersburg, Maryland Police Department ordered Wilson to restore the 9/11 Museum’s website to the Internet, which Wilson did, but not before using his IT knowledge to do extensive damage to the website’s inner core, making it almost invisible to Google search engines. Around  the same time, Suson also learned that Bill Wilson’s wife/longtime partner, Attorney Teresa Polino worked for the very same high profile law firm that represented the New York Post, Hogan and Hartson Law (now called Suson, who had a large lawsuit pending against the New York Post for false & derogatory statements, had been told & encouraged by Wilson and Polino that they would be happy to review Suson’s attorney’s documents for tips and advice before Suson’s attorney officially turned them into the courts. Teresa Polino and William Wilson never told Suson that Polino worked for the New York Post’s law firm. That tiny detail was left out and yes, Suson was pretty much played for a sucker. According to court documents (Suson vs. NYP Holdings), the NY Post’s Stephanie Gaskell had attributed what later turned out to be false and doctored statements about Gary Suson by then-Mayor Bloomberg. It was revealed in 2007 depositions that Gaskell did in fact do some doctoring -- that Mayor Bloomberg never said anything personally about Gary Suson. He didn’t even know who Suson was nor did he ever mention his name. Gaskell had apparently goaded Bloomberg at Randall’s Island into making a generalized statement about 9/11 exploitation. Gaskell then conveniently added Suson’s name inside the quotes from Bloomberg’s actual words to make it look like he was personally attacking Suson. The New York Post also had written false statements about Suson’s Official Photographer Title at Ground Zero and -- a title they had confirmed two times with the Fire Union in 2002. Eventually, after an appeal, the NY Post settled the case with Suson to make it go away for an undisclosed sum of money and a confidentiality agreement. Many of the depositions can be found online. One striking item to note is that in the 2007 depositions of former NY Post writer Cynthia Fagen: That Ms. Fagen responded to Suson’s attorneys with the words, “I don’t recall” a record-setting 150 times when asked about whether she was aware that Suson shot officially at Ground Zero on behalf of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association. Despite the Post’s guilt, to this day, William Wilson Search Engine Optimizes anything he can find on Suson and the Post to try and keep the original defamatory articles ranked high in the Google rankings.  A full-time job. A sad life for Wilson. Wilson’s goal is apparently to do extensive damage to Suson and the 9/11 Museum. It was discovered in October 2014 that Wilson was even hitting up religious websites that pertained to Ground Zero and leaving URL hyperlinks to his defamatory websites on Suson and the words “check this guy out.” This is how he apparently gets his junk website to rise on Google.

In 2011, highly regarded Chief District Judge Deborah Chasanow of Maryland -- appointed personally by President Bill Clinton -- admonished William Wilson (then a resident of Maryland) in federal court and agreed with Ground Zero Museum attorney Tom Wilcox that there was sufficient evidence to move forward with a charge against Wilson of “Trespass to Chattels” for destroying the 9/11 Museum’s website, however, Suson did not finish Wilson off -- so to speak -- as Suson was having serious health issues related to his work at Ground Zero and didn’t have the health capacity to engage the lawsuit any further. Furthermore, the potential monies being re-routed and spent on prosecuting Bill Wilson for another two years would have cost the Museum’s FDNY charities tens of thousands of dollars. Suson also believed this was the end of William Wilson. It was until Wilson re-surfaced in September, 2014, launching a new, re-vamped defamatory website and began pummeling Suson with disgusting emails. Suson, who hails from a small farm in Barrington, Illinois, never banked on being stalked and cyberbullied when FDNY Rudy Sanfilippo of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association first discovered him and placed him in one of the most coveted positions of any photographer of the last century. By the time Sanfilippo crossed paths with the “kid” as he nicknamed him, Suson already had an impressive track record for a 20-something year-old guy, having four years under his belt serving as legendary artist LeRoy Neiman’s personal photographer. Back then, in 2001, Suson simply thought he was doing his duty as an American -- to contribute to the relief efforts after the 9/11 attacks. Then came William Wilson of Cart Designs, which he never banked on.

HE’S BACK. In September, 2014, Wilson re-launched an old website that he had taken down during the lawsuit -- but while the website’s name was the same, the website’s defamatory material is brand new. Then came the disturbing emails. Wilson, clearly fixated and obsessed with Gary Suson, surfs the Internet late at night looking for chat rooms and blogs or anything having to do with the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center and inserts the URL to his cyberbullying website on Suson, attempting to make it rise in the search engines. Wilson’s “work" is studied carefully -- with a paper trail to every site he visits -- as he plants his seeds. In this new website, Wilson juxtaposes a 2009 image he snapped of Suson when he was overweight and deathly sick with Swine Flu next to pictures of an obese Marlon Brando and Dom Deluise. Wilson even manages to make a mockery of Holocaust victim Anne Frank on his website, which has supposedly angered some Jewish groups. Suson’s Museum, FYI was inspired by his 2004 trip to the Anne Frank House. There is nothing off-limits to William Wilson, who according to Gary Suson and court documents, won’t stop until he is dead. Reached for comment in New York, Suson stated to me, “I believe that at some point William Wilson will try to harm me. He is consumed -- fixated with me -- I am his life and his full-time job. I live in fear all the time.” In a terrifying email from Bill Wilson to Gary Suson dated October 10, 2014, Wilson states at the end of his rant-filled tome, “And Gary, I’d be awful careful about pissing me off, were I you."

Gary Suson’s stalker William Wilson
Maryland Judge Deborah Chasanow in 2011 agreed that Gary Suson’s stalker William Wilson violated thelaw -- when Wilson yanked the 9/11 Museum’s website off the Internet -- which cleared the way for a lawsuit by the 9/11 Museum against Wilson. Wilson has returned in 2014-15 to continue his harassment of Suson via cyber bullying and vicious emails.

Ground Zero NYC
Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Suson’s
Jarring Image of a Chaplain About to Read Prayer
over the body of a 9/11 Victim. Spring, 2002.
As Bill Wilson tardily galloped into Michigan court to start off the year 2015 -- huffing and puffing -- he began to try and teach Judge Richard B. Halloran a thing or two about the law, or so he thought. Wilson even told Suson’s attorney Brad Hobbs in a recorded voicemail that Hobbs would "leave the court in handcuffs." Judge Halloran quickly admonished Wilson and told him to stop his babbling and more importantly to stop contacting Gary Suson in ANY form. Wilson told the Judge that he believed it was his pre-ordained duty to inform the world about Gary Suson. Judge Halloran felt otherwise. As Mr. Wilson desecrates the memory of those lost on September 11 and mocks the memory of little Anne Frank, it is clear that Gary Suson has a good reason to be afraid of this sicko, William Wilson -- who has no filter and no conscience. I write a lot of blogs and read some crazy things, but why on earth a man in his 60’s would want to harass a 35-year-old guy who has given a good portion of his life to help 9/11 families is beyond me. Perhaps Wilson should get over it and move on -- people get fired every day. In the meantime, we should thank our lucky stars for Judges -- in particular for Michigan Judge Richard Halloran -- a true patriot. Halloran stated he will be keeping a close, personal eye on Wilson’s activities as they pertain to Suson. Top New York City PTSD Physicians wrote letters to Detroit Judge Halloran explaining the serious mental and emotional effects Wilson’s actions have had and continue to have on Gary Suson, who spent 7 months, 19 hours per day working at Ground Zero. Wilson, well aware of Suson’s severe PTSD situation, seeks to exploit that condition. Wilson also wants Ground Zero Museum Workshop to come to a close, which he allegedly admitted to in court. Apparently there is an audio recording of Wilson admitting he ripped the 9/11 Museum website off the world wide web in 2009 and includes Wilson taunting Suson about the NY Post -- an audio clip which I am working on securing -- so stay tuned…

It is a sad state of affairs when stalkers and cyberbullies, so unfulfilled in their own lives, have to latch on like a parasite to celebrities and public figures, becoming consumed with them to a manic level. One can only hope that Mr. Wilson can let go and focus on his own life and let Mr. Suson live his life in peace. Digital Warehouse in New York City is currently finishing up a short documentary entitled STALKED about the seven years of harassment by William Wilson upon Gary Marlon Suson. There is no release date as of yet.

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