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The Origins of Grech

Everything you wanted to know about Grech but were afraid to ask...Note the scorpion...

The origins of the surname Grech appear to ultimately lie in the Latin word "Graecus" meaning "Greece." Thus the surname Grech denotes "descendant of the Greek." Malta's relations which Greece and Greek culture goes back to ancient times. About 1000 B.C. a Phoenician colony was established on the island. In the year 736 B.C. the Greeks who called their colony Melita occupied them. During the division of the Roman Empire in 295 A.D. Malta was awarded to the Eastern Roman Empire and came under the rule of the Byzantine Emperors of Constantinople. One of the earliest references to the surname Grech, in its original form, is a record of one Joannis GRIKAS who was recorded in the year 1131.

The surname Grech has long been associated with the nobility of Malta with bearers of the name having their own family coat of arms, as described below. Notabile bearers of the surname Grech include Rev. Mgr. Salvatore Grech-Delicata, a descendant of Pietro Cassia, third baron of Ghariexem and Tabie who died in 1686. The above mentioned Monseigneur was left a legacy by the 3rd Baron which bore a "Name and Arms" clause so the prelate petitioned the Committee of Privileges of the Maltese nobility for permission to use the designation "dei Baroni Cassia." this was a practice, which the British tried to stamp out unsuccessfully. The committee upheld the request of the Mgr. Grech-Delicata.

He was not so successful in his efforts to obtain the title of Baron of Budaq (he had been nominated by the 5th Baron of Budaq). This nomination was overruled in 1885 and the title went to Giuseppe De Piro.

Blazon of arms: Azure between two scorpions or; a tree ppr; and on a chief sable; three mullets of the second.
Crest : A ducal coronet.
Origin: Malta

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