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Dead Harvest TOC



Tim Lebbon – Into the Trees
Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Villianwood
E.G. Smith – Autumn Lamb
James A. Moore – Dear Diary
Lori R. Lopez – Cornstalker
Aaron Gudmunson – The Guest
Angeline Trevena – Husks
Jeremy Peterson – The Truth
Christine Sutton – Peter, Peter
Jaime Johnesee – The Last Harvest
Gregor Cole – The Old Cider Press
Lori Safranek – Katy and the Green Boy
Martin Reaves – Reaping a Quiet Lunacy
M.L. Roos – Ablation
C.L. Hernandez – Marissa
Nick Nafpliotis – The Artifact
Marie Robinson – The Hawthorne
Mark Patrick Lynch – A Knowing Noah
Jeffrey Kosh – Revenant
Lorraine Versini – Ravenous
Greg F. Gifune – The Raincatchers
Sara Brooke – The Field
Chad P. Brown – The Reaping
Andrew Bell – Extreme Times, Extreme Measures
Dana Wright – Retribution
Stuart Keane – Hodmedod
Jeff Strand – Nails
Bryan Clark – Putting the Ground to Sleep
Amy Grech – Crosshairs
Jonathan Templar – Red Fuel
Matthew Pedersen – What Lurks Within the Darkest Wealds
Bear Weiter – Reunion
Jason Andrew – A Sacrifice for the Soil
Wayland Smith – Bad Salvage
Patrick Lacey – Mrs. Alto’s Garden
Michael McGlade – The Mad Doctor’s Bones
Todd Keisling – House of Nettle and Thorn
Jordan Phelps – Beyond the Trees
Kyle Yadlosky – The Flower Dies
Tim Waggoner – Weeper
Richard Thomas – Bringing in the Sheaves
John Grover – The Longing
Greg Norris – Uncle Sharlevoix’s Epidermis
Jon Michael Kelley – The Tended Field of Eido Yamata
Tim Jeffreys – The Orange Grove
Ahimsa Kerp – On the Quest for the Crow King
C.M. Saunders – Harberry Close
Brian Kirk – Seeds of Change
Billy Chizmar – The End
Richard Chizmar – The Man with the X-ray Eyes
Mark Parker – Hell’s Half Acre

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