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Sucked into Obamacare

Much to my dismay, Oxford is dropping Sole Proprietors like me from its network next month--thanks for nothing! Much to my dismay, I'm being forced into Obamacare. I've head nothing but bad things about the Affordable Care Act, including that many of my current doctors may not accept Obamacare and I might have to start from scratch with a whole new set of doctors. I like my current doctors--we get along well and they all have a good bedside manner. In addition, I've head that I may not be able to pay by check--electronic payments only...On the plus side, the amount I pay every month will decrease $200.00, so at least that's something!

I have to set up a call with my Health Insurance Broker, but it looks like I'll be going with the Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield Silver Plan on the Healthcare Exchange. Wish me luck! Sounds like I'm gonna need it...

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