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Enjoy Better?

Time Warner Cable's new slogan is, Enjoy Better! I did not enjoy the 13 hour outage last night thru this morning...Well, I can tell you, much to my dismay, I missed the season premiere of Fargo, because TWC had several outages. Now, I don't watch TV every night, but when I do, I want to sit back, relax and have a stress-free evening; I do not want to call Time Warner Cable twice and reboot my cable box 5 times...That's a mighty stressful way to spend a night, if you ask me.

The rep. I spoke with on the phone saw that I already had a $16.31 credit on my account, so to save face, she gave me HBO, Showtime and Cinemax at a reduced rate for one year that will save me close to $100.00, not to mention the $24.00 credit on my account. Kind of makes me wish Time Warner Cable had more outages! :P

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