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March Movie Madness!

Had a very hectic week at the office, so I decided to catch up on my movies.  This past Friday night, I rented Romance & Cigarettes, a down and dirty musical, because I wanted to see James Gandolfini sing--he's doesn't have a great signing voice, but I enjoyed the movie.

On Saturday I went into the office--it's a very busy month at  After putting six hours in at the office, I craved entertainment, so I went to see Juno, which was funny and sweet with kick-ass writing.   It's a real treat, so go check it out!

Speaking of treats...Has anyone else had yogurt in these trendy shops, PinkBerry and Red Mango?  I would both within a block of one another on 14th Street in Manhattan.  It was too cold out yesterday, but I plan to try both after reading good things in Time Out New York.

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