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Falling Flat

February was the worst month for me since 2010...I simply did not get enough work from my eight web clients last month to pay all of the bills. I had to ask my Mom to bail me out. She wrote me a check, so I could pay my health insurance and a credit card bill, but she gave me a really hard time...My mother and father co-signed for my brother and sister-in-law's house, resulting in a yearly payment of $6,000.00, so it really hurt when I asked for a mere $1,100.00. I know I shouldn't have had to ask at all, but freelancing on one income is extremely difficult...I know several other Freelancers, but they're married and can fall back on their spouse's income if a client suddenly cuts back, or they have a really slow month. Sigh...

I work six days a week. I get several of my clients on LinkedIn, so I'm very active there. I post ads on Craigslist and also get the occasional referral from current clients. I'm going to blame last month's misstep on the fact that bills were due sooner and the horrible weather. Things are picking up--I got another new client from Craigslist. I can only hope the trend continues...

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