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Gone Baby Gone...

So I got home from work tonight, fired up my MAC and went to check my mail...I got an error that the server is down, so I go to Hostcnetric's Web site, but it's down, too...Urgh!!!  I call toll free assistance only to discover that their number isn't listed...Talk about bad business practices!!  I had an account with them since 1999.  I am very disappointed...As a courtesy; they should have given customers advance notice so they would move their Web sites to another web host without any downtime.   Apparently that was too much to ask for... Let's file this incident under WTF and oh-no-you-didn't!!!

I took a night off from my computer last night, to watch Gone Baby Gone, which is a really gun movie with lots of great lot twists, so I had no way of knowing how long had been down.  Also, lots of very important people have my e-mail address and were unable to contact me...

I've had a web hosting account with Reliable Hosting since 2000 and have 16 Web sites on their servers.  True to their name, my sites have never gone down.  Normally you have to fill out a ticket with Tech Support and wait 24 hours, but since I pay $50 every month for web hosting, Daryl, the technician who took my call went above and beyond, setting up on the server immediately; he also provided me with the primary and secondary name servers, so I could change them with my domain registrar.  Finally, he set up my e-mail account on the mail server, so order has conquered chaos!  Loyalty has its privileges!

Funny thing is, I meant to kick Hostcentric to the curb log ago, but they beat me to the punch...At least I'll be saving $21.99 a month and in this economy that's noting to sneeze at!
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