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Freelancing: How Long Will Your Clients Last?

I worked with a Photographer for six years. Then his website was hacked and he decided to move to a platform exclusively for Photographers and vanished into the ether. Worked with another client for a few months last year who simply vanished; at least she paid me in full. I've been working with a company that found me via Google for the keyword NYC SEO Specialist, a few years ago; I only expected it to be a short-term gig, but three years later, we're still working together!

I've gotten a few client referrals I hoped would be long-term, but they ended up being quick-and-dirty gigs. I've been working with a client for the past year that's paid late several times. Think I'll be cutting that one loose in July. Living on one income, I can't afford to get paid a month late...

Fellow freelancers, I ask you: How do you know how long you'll be working with any one client? Pray, do tell!
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