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When No Means No

A few weeks ago, the first Web Client I worked with way back in 2000 emailed me on a weekend demanding website updates ASAP. Back then, I had a full-time "day job", so it wasn't unusual for me to do website stuff into the wee hours of the night and on weekends. The client, an Artist, used to live down the street from me in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, so meetings were easy and hassle-free.

She paid in cash, treated me to dinner and invited me to her art shows in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I would up meeting lots of interesting folks, including a cute guy I dated on and off for a year. This Artist changed her mind often about website updates, too often. She once took a year to pay her invoice. As time marched on, I built a diverse web portfolio and really couldn't be bothered with her nonsense.

I moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn and she moved to Jersey City. I did meet her on weekends a few times after we moved to our respective neighborhoods, but in the end, it wasn't worth the effort.
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