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Crazy Things Former Web Clients of Mine Have Done...

I've been a freelance Copywriter, SEO Specialist, Web Designer for 13 years now. During that time, especially when I was just starting out, I saw some downright dirty deals. I had a few clients "forget: to either sign their checks, or mail them...I've gotten checks for only half the invoice total, though I did get the rest two weeks later. One client took two years to pay me... I had several clients postdate checks. Talk about tacky! Sometimes you have to learn the hard way...Other clients sent their check to the wrong address; it was returned to them and that's when I started using PayPal...

That's why I request a retainer fee and also draw up a contact with new clients--it's a commitment by both parties--that guarantees everyone's satisfaction. My invoices also state, "Payment is due in full upon receipt".
Tags: freelancing, postdated checks, seo, web clients

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