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Papa Necon (Please Read)

This was written by Matt Bechtel for the Necon E-books website.

Dear Necon Community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we write to you today to ask
for your prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy for our Papa Necon,
Bob Booth. As some of you may have heard, Bob came down with bronchitis
in November. He was sent for a chest x-ray and it came back showing a
shadow that the doctor didn’t like. Further tests revealed spots on his
lung and lesions on his liver, which led to still further tests. He has
been diagnosed with stage four extensive small cell lung cancer and
stage four liver cancer. The doctors also believe that it has spread to
his bones, and he is undergoing further testing to discover if it has
reached his brain. Early next week, when all of the results are in,
decisions will be made regarding the wisdom and usefulness of
chemotherapy and other treatments, but it must be said that options are

Over the more than thirty years since Necon’s founding, it has become
ever clearer that Necon is more than a convention. It has been called
summer camp, but always feels like more of a family reunion, and our
Necon family grows and changes with every passing year, spreading
further and adding new members. Bob has been the center of that
family–truly Papa Necon–since the very first day, and it is one of his
greatest pleasures. We trust that many of you will want to send Bob your
thoughts, kind words, and well wishes, and we gratefully encourage you
to do so. Prayers and positive energy are powerful and would be deeply
appreciated by all of us.

Cards and letters can be sent directly to Bob at home. Bob Booth, 67
Birchland Ave Pawtucket, Ri 02860. If you’d like to send e-mails and
want to be sure they reach him, the best way is to send them to Sara,
and she will see that he receives them. Her e-mail is

Thank you for your kindness, past, present, and future.


The Necon Family

Many NEHW members know Bob Booth and are sadden by the news mentioned
below. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

I've only attended one NeCon, but I had an amazing time.  Everyone is so friendly!

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